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How Do White Stretch Marks Develop?

Reduce White Stretch Marks

Whenever a person experiences periods of rapid body growth it will lead to consequences on the skin, meaning that the person will soon develop stretch marks. In their incipient phase these marks are usually pink or reddish. However, over time their initial color fades away and they turn white. One method you can employ to regain the beautiful appearance of your skin is to apply a stretch mark cream. Depending on the period of time you have had them, you should know that some white stretch marks take longer to respond to the treatment. The average period before you can notice an

improvement from the scar cream treatments is usually around two months.

•    While you apply the stretch mark cream or scar removal cream on your stretch marks, it is advisable that you take your time and massage that area. A mild massage usually stimulates the blood circulation and it speeds the healing process, as faster blood flow means that more nutrients can reach the area. At the same time, considering that stretch marks are in fact scar tissue, a mild massage helps break it down so the scar cream can do a more efficient job. While the scar cream should be applied three times per day, you should massage the marks for about two minutes as often as you can.

•    In case the stretch marks are very persistent and you do not notice an improvement after the cream treatment, then you have the option of calling on the help of laser treatments. While this procedure is more expensive, it is also more effective in breaking up the scar tissue. The advantage of this method is that it usually reveals a less scared layer of skin by burning the harder layer of skin on the surface. Therefore, it is a lot faster even though you may need several laser sessions in order to get rid of the white stretch marks completely.

•    The chemical peel is another good method of removing stretch marks. Similar to the laser treatment, the chemical peel burns the harder layer of skin on the surface and hence, promotes a faster recovery period. However, the recuperation will take longer and since the peels are available in different strengths, it is advisable to discuss this method with a dermatologist. Although the skin needs a longer period to heal, in the end it will have a firmer, more toned and stretch marks free appearance.

•    Since stretch marks imply a depressed or raised area in the skin, one way you can permanently get rid of them is with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a procedures often applied in spas and clinics for treating variations and scars on the skin surface. The treatment implies using small particles of a rough material and a small device to remove the top damaged layer of the skin gently. This method of removing stretch marks is painless, as it is non-invasive. However, you will need to have at least a few treatments before you will notice an improvement.

Stretch Marks Removal