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Remove Unpleasant Stretch Marks With Creams

What is Stretch Mark Removal?

The obvious answer to the above question is getting rid of the stretch mark is known as stretch mark removal. However, to remove the stretch marks you will first need to know what stretch marks are and what cause them. In dermatological terms stretch marks are known as striae and these can be caused by several reasons. One of the primary causes of stretch mark is hormonal changes. These changes occur in pregnancy, puberty and muscle building.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

One of the easiest and the cheapest ways of stretch mark removal is the creams you can find in the chemist’s store. However, you should first check the ingredients present in the cream before you make the purchase. What you need to understand is the stretch marks are essentially caused by the inconsistencies in the matrix of the collagen. Therefore any ingredient that repairs and replenishes the collagen will be effective. The most common ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera and grape seed extracts.

Stretch Mark Removal Exercise

Apart from the creams another great way to get rid of the stretch marks is exercise. You can opt from several stretch mark removal exercises depending on the part of your body that has been affected by stretch marks. If there are stretch marks on your thighs you can try out the lunges. Walk across the floor in big steps and then bend you knees in a manner so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and the rear knee is 2 inches from the floor.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

If you want to go the medical way for stretch mark removal you can try out the laser therapy. This

therapy is quite effective in getting rid of the marks but is quite costly. In this procedure laser light of high energy ultra violet rays is used to break the molecular bonds of the skin tissue. Therefore the tissues disintegrate. This process is known as ablation. After the procedure is complete fresh layers of skin will grow. You will get a renewed look sans the marks.

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Apart from the most common laser treatment other stretch mark removal surgeries include abdominoplasty and the dermabrasion. After you decided on the surgery which in consultation with your dermatologist you will need to prepare for the surgery. Discuss with your doctor every minute detail about the procedure and the recovery process. Tell him if you have any kind of vascular, digestive or cardiac problem. You may also need to take certain kinds of medication before the surgery. However, you should avoid taking pain killers like aspirin and any anti inflammatory medicine.

How to Choose the Best Stretch Mark Removal?

After you have read this article you must have realized there are actually loads of ways for stretch mark removal. What you have to do is decide the way you like. If you want to get rid of the stretch marks naturally go for exercise. Get in touch with a good instructor and he will guide you to effectively work out to reduce the stretch marks. Exercising is also a long term solution against these marks. If you are looking for a cost effective way try out the creams. They come in bottle and tube form and are very reasonably priced.

Having Problem With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Many women when pregnant obtain stretch marks. When the skin stretches due to the growth of the baby the skin often breaks and creates a scar like mark. Over time, they do fade on their own, but not completely. The use of special creams and lotions designed to help aid the stretch marks can ease the skins elasticity, making the stretch marks fade quicker. You would usually apply the cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Keeping the skin moist prevents dry patches and helps keep the skin smooth. It is best to start using pregnancy stretch mark creams before you even start to develop a baby bump, this way; you are protecting the skin before it has a chance to stretch. [More]

What Is Red Stretch Marks?

When stretch marks first appear on the body, they are of a red or pink colour. This is the initial stage of stretch marks and the best time to do something about them. By treating the red marks quickly, you can expect up to a 90% removal rate. The best ways in which you can do this is to book in with a specialist or beautician, who can recommend relevant treatments for stretch marks. You can guarantee results as you are catching the marks fast. Alternatively you can buy branded creams and lotions from your local stores and carry out the treatment in your own home daily. [More]

Reduce White Stretch Marks

Whenever a person experiences periods of rapid body growth it will lead to consequences on the skin, meaning that the person will soon develop stretch marks. In their incipient phase these marks are usually pink or reddish. However, over time their initial color fades away and they turn white. One method you can employ to regain the beautiful appearance of your skin is to apply a scar cream. Depending on the period of time you have had them, you should know that some white stretch marks take longer to respond to the treatment. The average period before you can notice an improvement from the scar cream treatments is usually around two months. [More]